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Good Progress for L6 Despite Defeat

19th October 2020

By Nina Daly

Ladies 6s 1 – 3 Woking L3

For those of you who don't know, the rule within our team is that the player crowned as DOD each week gets the honour of writing the match report. Despite there being eight nominees for DOD this week, none of which were me, you may wonder why it is in fact me that finds myself writing this week's match report and I hear you; I'm currently sat here asking myself the same question... the answer dear Surbiton members can only be that I am an outstanding team player and captain and thus am taking one for the team to ensure you are all kept well informed of this week's adventures. 

Giselle's recent masterpiece is an incredibly tough act to follow so I will try to keep it simple and to the point.

Our first away match with the boom box and the warm up did not disappoint. A full squad of 16, complete with coach Doidge (thanks Liam) and an impressive on the pitch warm-up (we rarely get this luxury) we were looking arguably like a Ladies 1s team... sadly, this changed quite rapidly, conceding two goals in the first five minutes or so. All was not lost though and some impressive play with fantastic pitch-side coaching from Doidge and Jen Sesemann managed to take us to 2-1.

Shortly after this, we were awarded a penalty flick; I was off the pitch at the time (gasping for breath and thrilled to have five subs due to the effects of the end to end match which was currently in play) so I am not entirely sure what went down but Ruth Fraser stepped up to the plate and... hit the post! A devastating blow which meant we ended the half 2-1 down. 

A rousing half-time talk from our coach lead to a very strong second half with lots of attacking play and opportunities on goal but sadly a (second) own goal took the end score to 3-1 and we walked away with our second loss of the season.

I would like to note that with five new players in the squad this year and only having played three matches together, the score line really did not reflect the match. Woking are undoubtedly a strong team, however I believe a draw would have been fair. 

This week's training shone through in how well we were moving the ball around the back and pressing with conviction and we are all looking forward to this week’s focus on goal scoring!

POM was tied between Jen, Loren & Lily with votes for another four players (team effort)

DOD was Jess T with votes for another seven players (double team effort)