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A Game of Numbers for M6


28th January 2020

By Tony Haycroft

Men's 6s 1 - 2 Chertsey Thames Valley M1

Umpires Home George and Matt – thanks very much.

It was a game of numbers.

14 Surbiton players versus 11 of Chertsey. The Surbiton players comprised six adults and eight Colts. There is a 50 years spread in the team. Chertsey scored first – a fluffed shot aimed at goal which went wide to an unintended player who slotted it in. 1-0. 

The first half saw 19 D penetrations by Surbiton resulting in one equalising goal from Westie and a couple of unconverted corners. The second half saw two open goal misses by Surbiton and a further 17 D penetrations resulting in no goals and a couple more short corners. 

Inevitably Chertsey broke away towards the end of the game and got a lucky deflection off a stick into the goal. 1-2 loss despite probably 60% plus possession and attacking play. This is a hard lesson to learn said Captain Corney: despite the stats, the only one that counts is that they scored more. Man of the Match was Connor Tinker although special mention should be made of our debutant Matt Mangold who settled into left back very well. Truth be told we were lacking an out and out fast forward as Ben Hanson is out with concussion – although as a great team player he travelled down to watch. The captain (unkindly, one thought) stated he was not a lucky mascot! Jacko “rolled back the years” with a mazy dribble (it was not quite a ‘run’) and generally had a very good game but sadly to no avail. Cheam awaits.