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Vintage Start the Season with Victory


9th October 2019

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 3 - 2 Amersham & Chalfont Grand Masters

Team: (Surbiton unless detailed) Slattery (O C’s), White, Dunn, Harding, Bishop (O C’s),  Parker (O C’s),  Wright N (Richmond), Hamber (Richmond), Gorbett (Amersham), Tripp, Eve (O C’s), Bamford (O C’s), Charnley (O C’s), Gray (O C’s), Sanders (Wimbledon), Wright D (O C’s), Umpires: Amersham

Scorers: Sanders 2, Eve

So another season for the old people starts again. A lot similar – 16 players! Alas only 25% Surbiton but hopefully that may improve.

SatNav took us to the school except to a “no entry” sign but eventually we all got there. A decent friendly bunch were introduced to each other. Trying to work out who should play where was difficult but luckily everyone understood the dilemma and helped out without complaint.

It was a good game with there never being more than one goal difference to the scoreline. Luckily we scored first and kept the same routine. The umpires did a very good job and were fair with an understanding sense of humour. Our team all worked hard for each other and deserved the result. 

To start the season with 3 points is a step forward from last season – let’s hope we can continue to improve.