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Vintage Narrowly Lose to Spencer


4th November 2019

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 0 – 1 Spencer Supervets

Team: Little (Cobra), Bishop (OC’s), Tony (B2H), Harding, Gorbert (Amersham), Sanders (Wimbledon), Gray (OC’s), Hamber (Richmond), Abdullah  (Nomad), Tripp, Peche (Cobra),  Orbell (Cobra), Schultz (Cobra), Barnicoat (Cobra), McKee (Cobra)

Umpire: Whelan

Player of the Match: Andy Little

The most important thing about this report is to register thanks to James Hamper and the Cobras for being so supportive. We fielded six Cobras and they certainly did not let us down. Thank you lads.

A week of trying to postpone was rescued as above and the squad turned up in the depths of Mitcham – a soulless pitch with very weak lighting. And sadly the pushback was late so most of the side missed going back to Spencer who are very sociable. Introductions made, we proceeded with the substitutions and the game. 

What an eye opener for a gathering of relative strangers to combine as a workforce and help each other through the game. It was great to watch.

Sadly we did concede after ten minutes – really before we had settled down. From then on, it was a very even match and was played in a decent sporting method. Mention must be made of Andy Little who brought off three very fine saves. It would have been great to have equalized but it was not to be despite determined efforts. We were lucky to talk Spencer out of a short corner goal but that is another skill.

Thanks to Paul who umpired very fairly despite the ball being invisible occasionally.