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Vintage Miss Out to Eastcote


17th November 2019

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 0 – 1 Eastcote Past Masters

Team: Baker, Mitchell C (OC’s), Dunn, Harding, Desai, Burles (OC’s), Eve (OC’s), Aparicio, Bamford (OC’s), Jones (OC’s), Paterson, Tripp, Waller Wright D

Umpires: Borrow & Pollard

Player of the Match: Pat Baker

Our thanks to Ray and Wade for umpiring – it helped to make the game the sporting venture it was.

Having listened to all Suresh’s aches and pains, it was a surprise to find him offering his services to Eastcote as one of their players thought 1100 was 1 o’clock.

It was a very level game but they did own the midfield too much and we did not have the format to fill the spaces. Nonetheless we attacked reasonably regularly without getting a shot on goal – they attacked less but made Pat make several good saves.

Everyone worked hard but it was one of those days when luck was not on our side – those moments when the ball bounces this way or their way. We agreed on the touchline that one goal was going to decide the game and that proved to be the commentators’ fatal finger and they scored a tepid goal within a minute of our chat.

Annoying to lose a game we should have won but the game was played in the right style and I think most players enjoyed it.

Good to see Hugo and JB in the bar afterwards.