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Vintage in Tough Match Against Ravens


22nd October 2019

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 0 - 9 Bromley & Beckenham Ravens

Team: Baker, Bishop (OC’s), White, Harding, Parker (OC’s), Aanders (Wimbledon), Eve (OC’s), Gray (OC’s), Hamber (Richmond), Wright (Richmond), Gorbert (Amersham), Tripp, Aparicio, Waller.
Umpire: Keira

Player of the Match: Keira

Our thanks to Keira for umpiring a load of people old enough to be her grandfather. She blew very well and with a smile – thank you.

Keira must have wondered what she had signed up for when we were 0 – 4 after about 11 minutes. We did improve in patches but if we made any mistakes, we paid for it. Yes you could say that luck was on their side but that would undermine their efforts.

Ravens had a good side out and it played to its potential – we, sadly, could not match them in skill, fitness, speed and teamwork. They knew where each other were going to be and when to cover etc and made sense of it. 

There were times when our shape looked like a shape but until we get some spine/structure, we will suffer every week.