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Terrific Ten for Men's 2s


9th December 2019

By Josh Redstone

Men’s 2s 10 – 0 PHC Chiswick Men’s 1s

With coach Brendan back in the picture the mighty Men’s 2s were keen to impress against a potentially dangerous Chiswick side who, the week before, took down top of the league so the boys were expecting a very tough match. With the squad nearly at its full force the boys were confident even though they were missing Max Anderson who decided to be a [insert derogatory term here] and not play.

The boys felt inspired in the changing room as coach Brendan and manager Doidge did their best to tell the lads the game plan despite the rave going on in the Chiswick changing room as some of their players were playing some “seriously good tunes”.

The boys started strong with James Evans scoring first, which I can’t lie – I missed as I was on the bench and their coach was in the way, but was told the goal was tidy. He then followed this up with a drag flick with immense precision into the bottom corner. Further goals came from Scott and Billy with some dazzling footwork to deceive the goalie, myself (I nearly shanked an open goal which was given to me by Dave “the assister’ Bartram) and Birdie who deflected an absolute cannon struck from the top of the D by ‘the assister’. Rhys scored/stole a goal from a well adapted corner routine, which he resurrected after his own shoddy injection. The boys had their clean sheet saved by Haycroft in goal who made some superb saves in the first half, so we came in at half time 7-0 up feeling rather pleased with ourselves.

The second half began with the target to not concede a goal all match with any goals scored being a bonus. The boys succeeded with some brick walls at the back by the names of Ben Tinker, Theun and Nick who ensured that Chiswick barely got a sniff in the second half. Super Scotty Evans decided that he fancied a hat trick and fired two rockets into the back of the net while wearing Doidge’s famous number eight shirt and I scored the 10th goal of the match – once again put on a plate by ‘the assister’.

The boys were exceptional today with some of our best hockey of the season. Special mention should go to Finn Cooper, Jake Thompson and Tom Smith who dominated the midfield for another week in a row.

Goalscorers: Scotty (3), Rhys, James E (2), Redders (2), Birdy, Winter