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Surbiton Vintage 6 – 2 Hampstead & Westminster 


6th April 2019

TEAM: (all Surbiton unless detailed) Baker, Whelan, White, Desai, Parker (OC’s), Harding, Hamber (Richmond), Adullah (Nomad), Molloy, Eve (OC’s), Gosbert (Amersham), Carney (Guildford), Tripp, Green, - 8! Surbiton and 5 from elsewhere.

Scorers: Green 3 (3f), Gosbert 2, DESAI!!

In 14 games we have fielded 186 players – 70 filled by Surbiton members and 116 from elsewhere. We have used 55 different players! We failed to compete in 6 matches but we paid full match fees and reported all games.

The last 5 games of the season has come up with 3 wins and 2 concessions (both Chelmsford – fixtures both due to be away and arranged on consecutive Saturdays). So at least a rubbish season ended up quite well.

Firstly, thanks to all the 55 players who played for us – hopefully next season will be more TEAM! Secondly, thanks to all the ladies who have sorted the umpires, arranged our fixtures and postponements and edited the new Bulletin called the Newsletter – THANK YOU ALL.

The game was a first – I have never played against a team wearing bibs and with Harding in the forward line!

Again the game itself was played in the true spirit of Club hockey and umpired to suit. We actually played as a team a lot of the time and some of te hockey from both sides was pretty good. We were graced by a Steve Green hatrick and the subsequent jug – purchased before he lewft early for China. Ross from Amersham was a sight to behold, playing a considerable amount with one hand and cack at that but who can complain about resultant 2 goals. And then there was the President (Suresh Desai for those who do not know) scoring a goal – ok it was from 1 yard but it was a goal.

And then Molly organised some pizzas (thank you) – we were served well by Miss Stockden and had a decent social drink to end the season.