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Surbiton L7s 6 – 0 Barnes 


23rd March 2019

Barnes were knocked for 6 by a marauding Super 7s! The last game of the season demonstrated the excellent position of 3rd in the league - 40 points and 67 goals scored - homage to the Schword.

Instead of a report I thought I’d give some insight to the team that have been so successful -

Caitlin Aldous - finished with a flourish and an amazing hat trick. Great Colt stepping up to Senior Hockey.

Ruth Banks - Ruthie the leather gloves legend managed to break her duck in style and carried on scoring.

Emma Beaney - one of the legendary Beaney’s has been an asset to the team once she gave up coffee for accounting. We do need to invest in shower gel for her !!

Lily Craigen - her match chat monologues are legendary and our solid midfielder with amazing eyelashes. Pinball wizard !!

Jane Crowther - a few games before more important things needed her time but a great addition to the forward line.

Frances Crompton Brook - Goodyear sponsored Astro’s didn’t keep her on her feet. Good job she has a few weeks to lose the scabs before EOS. Immense in midfield on crunch games .... our Lynchplug.

Annie Davies - GPS Annie has been an absolute star in goal. She looks like she would get blown over in a draught but is not afraid to take forwards on. No GPS required when Annie’s on form.

Evie Flynn - another one of our colts who gets light headed when she runs - that’s the problem with long legs — less oxygen !!

Benita Gibbons - the Houdini of the 7’s now you see her now she’s in South Africa but she has a short corner routine named after her “to me to you” is now forever known as the Benita.

Amber Halsall - moment of the season when she scored against Wimbledon which gave us 6 wins on the bounce. I might get her name right for next season.

Ellie Hatch - some cracking goals and runs at defence in the second half of the season kept our goals ticking over.

Olivia Haynes - most improved colt of the season awesome part of the team. You also bleed like the rest of us when hit full on the nose... we don’t cover the plastic surgery

Lisa Honnor - a later addition to the side but very close on the golden stick she had the Schword and used it well. The carrots are on you at EOS.

Sienna Miller - with the name of a film star ... American sniper ... enough said ...

Mary O'Connor - what can we say about MOC other than don’t go to New Zealand for 4 weeks next season we could have won the league !! May the schword be forever yours once Lisa gives it back

Debs Ogun - Tiiiimmmmmbbbbeeerrrrrrr .... sorry couldn’t help myself ... you should have a bottle of prosecco on tap and we are more than happy to have the signing of the season .... we get cakes

Chengai Ruredzo - never afraid to take on a tackle or an opposition. Brought the defence average age down!!! 19 yrs on and still got it.

Ellie Vickery - GANDALF once a legend in SHC always a legend. #youshallnotpass. Also found that extra inch of pace in the second half of the season but not an extra inch of height !!

Jane Willis - our sugar plum fairy who has missed a few due to injury but showed she kept her elbows sharp. Captain for the plate final so one to win in April.

Sarah Bray - Mobility Bray has kept her cool despite all others losing theirs and whilst not always keeping her mouth shut,has been amazing as umpire. Just glad she remembered to charge up the scooter every week.

Louise Seddon - our amazing captain who has had everything thrown at her from up and down the club. She has managed the team brilliantly and still has a positive view of playing hockey. I can’t thank you enough for a fabulous team spirit and organisation.

Ali Quinn - who me? Nahh I’ve not done much just rocked up, scored a few and written about it.

This one is not #allaboutme it’s about a contender for #teamoftheyear not just for results but for banter, bonding and brilliance