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Sparticans Open League Season with a Win


29th September 2019

Sparticans 4 - 2 Leatherhead Men's 2s

Spartican of the Day: Simon Fitch
The Sparticans returned to league action at the borderline neutral venue of Notre Dame, and emerged with a well deserved 3 points against a determined Leatherhead side, in front of a depleted away crowd.
This was a deserved victory, and apart from 10 minutes in the second half, the Sparticans’ blend of youth and experience were the better team throughout.
Everybody played their part, and particular credit to our youth policy Barney and Tommy who dominated midfield, with Monsieurs Bell and Fitch, the latter winning Spartican of The Day after a hat trick of goals from ever more acute angles.
We retired to the Oxshott Village Sports Club for an early contender for best away showers, the customary debrief and some of Sainsbury’s finest ham, cheese and pate by way of tea.  And Captain Curtis’s weekly Teamo update. We look forward to our hot lunch after next week’s game and to more passing and incisive hockey beforehand...
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