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Sparticans in Tough Local Derby


28th October 2019

By Simon Fitch

Sparticans 2 - 3 Old Cranleighans M5s

Spartican of the Day - James Warren

A miserable day and ultimately a miserable result, though at least we didn’t get soaked as well.

Playing a strong, unbeaten, OCs who started well, the Sparticans found themselves 2-0 down before rallying in the last ten minutes of the first half. 

This improvement continued in the second period and we levelled with two more goals for Goal Machine Grant (K). Unfortunately they nicked it towards the end with a third but despite the nul point scenario the team acquitted itself well, and our centre midfields will stop aching with all the running by about Thursday...

After some dubious tactical voting, Jimmer was awarded SoTD, and to be clear there will be no second referendum. Post-match sustenance and debrief were again long and winding, with our usual entry into the Teas Instagram Challenge.

NPL await next week with a Sparticans team eager to get the show back on the road… Finally thank you to Ian, James and Jack for umpiring a feisty game very well, much appreciated.