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Sparticans Fall to First Defeat of the Season


21st October 2019

By Simon Fitch

Sparticans 2 – 3 Epsom HC Mustangs

So we turned up to HQ with an elite crew of 14 uber-athletes (sadly missing a few regular attendees) , riding a winning wave from last weeks demolition of our opponents. 

Matt had decided that this was a perfect time to show off his bad boy striking skills and therefore give a pre-match goal shooting masterclass to Captain Chaos.

The first half started brightly with some early pressure pushing on for a short corner. With the ball rifled in, Kevin duly despatched. 1-0. Thank you very much.

Sadly this was short lived and only seemed to spur on the oppo who managed to equalise within a few minutes.

The second half seemed to start in quicksand , with most of us chasing shadows while their youngsters seemed to grow in confidence. Before we knew it, we weren't one but two behind.

This only seemed to make us angry and you dont want to make a band of marauding Sparticans angry.

Fuelled by this we kicked on with Kevin grabbing one back from a short. 2-3.

Matt thought the opportune moment had arisen to display his skills. Sadly any form of skill seemed to depart his body with a few "Windy-millers" chucked in for good measure.

A frenetic final few minutes ensued with us trying everything we could to bag the equaliser, but it just wasn't enough. Great effort from the whole team today and well played Epsom, and then a Next Level tea and beer to numb the pain...:)

Thank you to Carolyn for her support, modelling her matching jumper combo with her dog.

Spartican of the Day – Kevin