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Sirens Beat OCs Martlets


27th October 2019

By Tracey House

Sirens 3 – 1 Old Cranleighans Martlets

The Sirens arrived at Oaken Lane hoping for not too much rain and team with a GK. We were blessed with both.

The game started in not great form for the Sirens as Silke and Hayley were running late, Mhairi  was in Seville and Tracey was injured. Oh dear. We started brightly though, with 10 on the field and were positive and attacking from the ‘get go’ and Lucy had scored our first goal in the first three minutes – great interplay with Victoria, Lisa and Rachel, and a very strong finish. OCs were a bit surprised by this and not playing very confidently. We continued to play fluidly and with strong passing and support play – Silke arrived and we had 11 players – phew, as Mhairi didn’t think she could get back from Seville in time and Tracey’s poorly knee wasn’t allowing her to help out either.

OCs had a few presses forward but they were quickly snubbed out by a strong defence of Laura, Sally and Emma, with the midfield moving back swiftly to provide support and clear opportunities for getting back up the field.

Another strong move forward from the midfield and we attacked the D again – a great goal by Victoria.

Hayley’s arrival meant we had a sub and our sweeper back – another phew!  

Half time arrived and with a good use of width, players moving into to space and lots of chat we were 2-0 up.  Oranges and jelly babies were consumed and reminders given to keep playing positively.

OCs were more lively in the start of the second half but were still being thwarted by our defensive line  and quick movement forward.  Claire J played well in a variety of roles on the pitch and Claire T just kept running. Phil was solid in midfield, distributing the ball well and supporting in attack and defence. 24 minutes into the second half, OCs got  into the D and scored – 2-1, a little against the run of play but they were starting to come back at us.

The Sirens’ spirits were not diminished, although we were a little tired by now – we continued to attack on the wings and Lisa stormed through the midfield, jinked past two players and only had the keeper to beat – was she going to pass or shoot – she shot and the score was 3-1.

A great team performance.

Team: Silke Mitchell (GK), Hayley Bouchard, Sally Jamison, Emma Dempsey, Rachel Shilson, Claire Johnston, Claire Thompson, Philippa Lynch, Victoria Wiesener, Lucy Lawson, Lisa Clarke, Laura Maginnis

Scorers: Lucy, Lisa, Victoria 

Player of the match:  Victoria and Philippa