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Mongooses Win Debut Match


2nd October 2019

Matthew Sabben-Claire

SHC Mongooses 5 - 4 Old Reigatian Men's 3s 

Man of the match: James Evans

Goal scorers: Ben White (3), Alfie Riley, Ollie Neal

Following the Cobras’ success last season, expectations were high for the Mongooses’ debut league match, which turned out to be a tight game between two well-matched teams.

The Mongooses’ team contained a good mix of experience and up-and-coming talent from the Colts. The initial exchanges were a bit tentative, reflecting the fact that the team hadn’t played together before and a bit of early-season rustiness. 

However, we quickly settled to a tight passing game and a pattern developed of robust defence complemented by pace in attack, with our youthful unit upfront looking threatening on the ball.

A seesawing game ended with the Mongooses hanging on to a 5-4 lead despite a late spirited rally by Old Reigatians.

It was far from error-free hockey, but a good base to build on for the season and much enjoyed by all. The match was played in an excellent spirit.