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Mongooses Back to Winning Ways


22nd October 2019

By Matthew Sabben-Clare

SHC Mongooses 5 – 1 Old Cranleighans OC Warriors

The Mongooses returned to winning ways on Saturday with a solid win against Old Cranleighans.

We started poorly, with little structure, an epidemic of loose passes and a lack of communication. OC’s young side capitalised on this and we found ourselves 1-0 down pretty quickly.

This reverse seemed to galvanise us into action and we looked like a different team as the first half wore on. The 4-1 score-line at the break was a fair reflection of the balance of play.

The second half was more measured – we only added one more goal, but we held our pattern well, passed tightly and always looked in control.

Plenty of good signs to take forward, but we need to make sure we come out of the blocks more convincingly next week.

Thanks very much to Matt A, Will and Dave P for helping out with umpiring and also to the small but vocal home support.

Man of the match: Jon Neal
Goal scorers: Michael Quintana (2), Chris Ralphs, Simon Sladden, James Orbell