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M6s Take 4-0 Victory Against Reigate Priory


28th October 2019

By Howard Corney

Men’s 6s 4 – 0 Reigate Priory M3s

Away in Reigate for a wet and windy afternoon of hockey, Surbiton 6s played out a well-deserved 4-0 victory against a toiling opposition.

Things didn't look great pre-game with half of the team struggling to find a craftily hidden pitch. Five minutes to go before the whistle the Baz Bus (Trevor's van) rolled up and vomited out six half-changed, partially prepared players to bolster the squad. 

Not the ideal start to the game but we buckled down and the game soon started flowing.

Taking control of the first five minutes Surbiton showed patience, awareness and focus to set down the marker that would last the game.

With a few back and forths it wasn't long before the 6s' young lads, supported by the old grizzled midfield started making headway.

Three quarters of the way through the first half we had a double penalty Corner opportunity, which Toddy put away with aplomb. A clean strike from the top of the D taking a wicked deflection to run it under a prone keeper.

Tony put his head on the line keeping the team in the lead and maintaining a clean sheet. Making a superb save off his helmet (which you could argue he didn't know much about) before forcing a strike straight into his pads and off the side.

A steady end to the first half and a rousing team talk, out we came for the second half with a proverbial and literal wind behind us.

It wasn't long before Ravvers made a strong interception in midfield running half of the pitch before isolating the keeper with a beautiful through ball to Ben, who slid it passed the keeper in style.

Three swiftly followed two after some sustained pressure at the top of the D. Campers calmly clipped one into the corner with a fine strike after intercepting a rushed clearance from inside the oppos D.

From that point onwards it was a sure thing and it didn't take long for Ravvers to nail the game shut with a well worked short-corner routine, slapping it in as a return to the injector.

A well fought victory all in all, and a useful addition to the goal difference with some tough games to come.

Ever onwards for the Surbiton 6s.