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M2 Hit Richmond for Five


17th November 2019

By Scott Evans

Men's 2s 5 – 0 Richmond M2s

After another suspect result last week against Southgate, Surbiton 2s were on to their fourth coach in just eight games after Brendan, Fulker & Doidge all getting the chop. Doidge left a big void to fill but Surbiton’s very own Tom ‘Sam Allardyce’ Beaumont stepped in. But don’t worry I don’t think he will only have one game. Beaumont was unable to play himself due to injuring his finger picking his nose, although some still feel he might be embarrassed after his 20 short corner misses against Maidenhead. All that being said Beaumont stepped up, from the sideline his pace was electric, he didn’t miss place a pass, some said Beaumont has never had a better game.

It was a 16.30 pushback with big crowds expected and the boys wanted to impress. Finn wanting to show his style decided to warm up wearing Ralph Lauren sliders. Some thought it was strange but Rhys has already ordered a pair. Birdie went for a different look, he didn’t want to wear shorts at all so decided not to bring any. After discussion with the umpire, they made the right choice (unlike later in the game for the green card) and told Birdie he must wear shorts. He borrowed some of Max A’s U12 shorts which were a little snug but didn’t affect his performance.

On to the actual game, we started well, but struggled to break down a well organised Richmond side. Scott Evans made his cleanest tackle of the season but unfortunately the umpire disagreed and gave him a green card, and in the words of Rhys Linnel he ‘made a bad situation worse’ by offering the umpire some feedback, which upgraded the card to a yellow. Not a great example for the children and landed Scott another DOD.

Eventually Ollie Witts took Rhys’ advice at a short corner – ‘just score’ – which he duly did. Then the floodgates opened, with the silver fox Bartram getting his usual goal, Tom Smith with a nice deflection. Redders got in on the act when he wasn’t trying cross field aerials. And James Evans back sticked into the top corner to make it 5-0. Haycroft didn’t want to be left out and made sure he had a few kicks in his extra springy pads and a few corner saves which he made look easy.

Next game we play at home against Oxford Brookes.

Player of the Match – Max A (Colt)

DoD – Scott Evans