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Ladies 7s Lose Out to Wayfarers


14th October 2019

By Ali Quinn

Ladies 7s 0 – 1 London Wayfarers Jaguars

“Slippery When Wet Playing the Jaguars” 

Given our late start at Oaken Lane we thought the rain might have abated but sadly it continued. Mobility Bray had her wet tyres on and the rest of us were resigned to the fact it would continue all game. 

It would appear we don’t like the first 10 minutes of matches and again we conceded early after an overload down the left. 1-0 down against the top of the league was always a mountain to climb. 

We worked hard to get back level - which would have been a fair result. Our supporters were vocal even the Beaney baby in her DOD onesie was shouting loudly.

Crazy legs, Mimi and Frankie played well and kept threatening the Jaguars defence but we were unable to roar one home. 

A disallowed goal, a miss at the far post and an inability to convert crosses does give us cause for hope.

Sugar plum fairy was too tired to even lift her arms and there were a lot of red faces and frustration at the end of the match - we could have done with another 5 minutes but it seems we’ve lost our scoring schwords - or they were left on the side of the pitch.

A much better show than the last two weeks - hoping we can find our groove and be more Jaguar than Jeep ourselves. Time for tea and captains beers - better for that player of the week award - meant she could use contactless. 

A reshuffle required which was much debated in the bar. We are an improving side and now need to convert that into results. I am looking forward to writing a winning match report.

Thanks as always to Mobility Bray and our other umpire.

Thanks to Captain Seddon - have a great trip to Japan - hope you get to see the right game. 

Thanks to me #allaboutme.

And our player of the match Sugar Plum Fairy aka Jane Willis... post match interview “... I can have a little rest in defence but in midfield you have to run all the time....” – beware that reshuffle, you might need to do more running.