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Ladies 7s Get All Important Win


25th November 2019

By Ali Quinn

Ladies 7s 4 – 2 London Wayfarers Foxes

‘Big budget bravery to give the 7s a needed win’

Captain Seddon had broken the budget shackles this weekend with extra resources pledged for a win – looking to win votes I think.

The wayfarers Foxes had not had the best start to the season but given our prime time slot we were oven ready. 

Three umpires had turned up and Mobility Bray was having none of it she wanted to umpire us, as she knew this would be a good one.

What we hadn’t legislated for was that the Foxes had decided to play and wanted to push to win. We started slowly but given the extra resources in midfield we had the chance to use our legs. 

The Foxes had two blondes in midfield who seemed intent on confusing us as they overlapped well to get an early goal. This was not going to plan - perhaps we needed more than 15!! Chances went begging before Crazy Legs broke from midfield and released a pass to #allaboutme for a one on one slotted home brilliantly. 

We wanted to turn the screw and loaded their D - again creating chances but not able to slot them home. Step up the golden stick winner to flick the ball into the goal and give us a 2-1 lead. A sigh of relief as we went into half time.

Tarek had turned up for the half time talk but not balls this week, pen and board... still none the wiser but rolling out, supporting midfield and Maisie remembering the pitch was green and once it turns red it’s a bit too far!! Oh and we had to walk like crabs... which Rachael found hilarious for some reason!

The second half started a little better and our pressure started to tell. The Foxes were still thinking they were in this but had lost their midfield presence as they felt the pressure from the pace of our forwards. However, that didn’t stop them grabbing a breakaway goal to peg us back to 2-2.

Time for us to use the extra legs - Mimi and Crazy Legs teamed up well with Frankie offering pace. GPS Annie was keeping us in it with some excellent saves again. 

We were winning penalty corners but not converting... the pressure finally told when their defender stopped the ball on the line with a foot. Discussion - flick or no flick that is the question... flick given and despatched by #allaboutme 3-2 and all was well in the super7s world. The Foxes lost their bite and a Crazy Legs strike from the top of the D gave us the breathing space. 4-2 was the final result and moved us up the table.

Thanks to Mobility Bray for umpiring

Captain Seddon for inspirational selection as usual

#allaboutme because I can .... still didn’t win player of the match with 2 goals!

Our defence for holding the tide back when the Foxes were running.

Crazy Legs for her player of the match win..... and in particular the look of complete shock on her face when she scored.