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L7 Round Off 2019 with Fine Win


10th December 2019

By Ali Quinn

Ladies 7s 6 – 0 Old Cranleighans L1

Player of the match: Francesca Baty...something 

It was show pitch time on Saturday for the 7’s and we needed our bouncebackability to ensure we finished this half of the season with a win. We were buoyed by the fact that the opposition had only ten players but our captain had sidelined herself as we had a lot of playerrrrrssssssss (say with Irish accent please).

Mobility Bray had also turned up to the right game – which was not the case for another event earlier in the week.

We had a few supporters for once and a plan to get some goals and improve our goal difference. 

Early on we played some lovely hockey with great movement and transition from front to back – Tarek would have been proud. Defensively we were solid and much better than the opposition. Some excellent play in the final third gave us our lead early with the current golden stick holder on the money.

Our colts had sharpened their elbows from the previous week and were giving as good as they had got. We had plenty of chances and five minutes later Amber went all reverse stick on us and smashed one home.

This was the time to start enjoying it especially when one of the opposition said to her play mates, “I hope we can keep it below ten”.

Captain Seddon had a red arrows formation change on the go every five to seven minutes and within the next five Natalie had managed to score our third and her maiden goal for the 7s.

To be honest the defenders were then discussing what was happening at Christmas and whether they’d be getting all their gifts from Santa as they’d been good when they spotted a rogue forward taking GPS Annie on 1-on-1 – a little wake up call but we were never troubled.

Chenghai was on a mission and I’d like to say waltzed through the Cranleighans defence but a couple of lucky rebounds and bounces and she had a chance at the top of the D that she smashed home another maiden goal for the 7s.

Half time was a jovial affair involving lots of jelly babies and the odd bit of advice. Frankie was having a stormer and all our colts including #allaboutme had the pace to beat the defence easily. Sugar Plum decided we need to find the opposition’s “p spot” so we went on a mission.

MOC in the second half had clearly left her schword at home but had put on her clumsy boots – I did think she managed a kick before our third goal. She was threatened with immediate substitution if she kicked it again and blow me down she knocked a goal in – all hail to the schword.

Many more chances were missed safe to say #allaboutme couldn’t hit a barn door. Mobility Bray was giggling her way through the match as everyone made mistakes and errors which other teams in this league would punish. 

Their keeper kept a few out and the narrow goals meant we hit the post a few times! Step up our current golden stick holder to finish the game off. 6-0 a great result and a fine finish to 2019.

Thanks to…

Mobility Bray and Dawn for umpiring as always tough not to laugh at us all. Captain Seddon a tough week and selection challenges as usual. Frankie for putting in a shift and being our player of the match - big respect after last week. #allaboutme because I can – I am getting my tyres retreaded after my Dame Judi fall (those on tour now know where that nickname came from – always dramatic!)

Comment from Sammy after her aerial: “I can only get it over one person… not quite Giselle!”

Well done ladies, 2020 beckons and we have this league sorted now.