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L5 & L6 in Epic Friendly Battle


20th October 2019

Lindsey Whyte

Game of Hockey - Season 2019... Starring the L6s and L5s 

The new episode of the critically acclaimed Game of Hockey, season 2019, was screened this Saturday morning. While viewers were, on the whole, relieved that there was no nudity in this episode, in one early scene the L6s did have to change into green shirts in the dug out. There was also far less violence than in previous episodes as this was a friendly, although when Nina took a hit to the finger in the first half it did look really quite painful. 

However the complex, overlapping plotlines of this end to end game certainly delivered all the drama and excitement that regular viewers have come to expect.  

This week's Game of Hockey was again set in the Surbiton Hockey Club kingdom of Pitch 2 and chronicalled the dynastic struggle between the Ladies 5s and Ladies 6s for the hockey throne. The hockey skills on display were the stuff of fantasy, especially when Jess went all medieval with her solo run from near half way into the D to score a historic first time shot that equalised the game at 2-2.  

However as with most episodes, viewers did have to concentrate to keep up with the plot. The L5s took two chances for deflections in the first half and seemed to be in the ascendancy, but nobody can be comfortable for long in Game of Hockey and the L6s plotted to score a an early goal in the second half. Later, in an intriguing twist the L5s appeared to have vanquished the L6s 3-2 when they scored from a corner (or at least it appeared so to me which is why I'm writing this match report - in actual fact the goal was disallowed as too high but the story moved on so quickly I missed that). 

The episode centred on the family of noble umpire Simon, who's daughter Katlyn - subsequently voted 'Captain's Hand' (or man of the match if you prefer) - leading the L6s fight against her sister Ciara's L5s. But it developed into a intricate web of alliances with the L7s bannerwomen joining the L6s, and some L5s enticed to change sides at points throught the match. Half time also saw the introduction of a new character into the game when Fee arrived. Thanks especially to Sammy and Talia who joined the L6s Goals Watch - the sisterhood responsible for defending the D against the fierce strikers and white-shirted runners of the L5s. 

The cinematography was beautiful throughout with epic passages of play, gloriously timed runs,  graceful flows of passing and the odd soaring reverse-stick shot taken out of the sky to clear. 

The final scene panned out on a shot of President of Club's Landing and umpire, Carolyn, and L6's star Jen generously sharing their birthday cakes with both teams in the stronghold of the clubhouse, perhaps heralding a new era of peace. But we shall see when the next episode of Game of Hockey hits our screens in two weeks!