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L6 Draw with Barnes


13th October 2019

By Emma Beaney

Ladies 6s 2 – 2 Barnes L2s

We’ve had better starts to match days than this one; with my hangover, Liv forgetting which team she played for and Jess showing up late it looked like it was going to be a fun one.

The game started and then was almost immediately stopped for the umpires to reiterate that they would not have any appealing throughout the game - something some of us would have done well to remember.

It was clear in the first five minutes that we had a good chance of winning this game; they had some skilful players but with some beautiful runs from the colts we looked to have some chances at goal. Or at least we would have done if Ellie hadn't been flattened by their centre mid. In fact she fell over so many times throughout the game that we did wonder whether she’d been taking lessons from Frances.

A break from them meant that they had a shot on goal and they took full advantage. 

We were all running our socks off and had many chances but couldn’t manage to convert them into anything. Frustrating. And then in classic 6s fashion we conceded yet another goal just before half time but with memories of last week still fresh we knew we could come back from 2-0 down.

The second half started and despite multiple feet in their D being ignored and Lindsey deciding to spend most of her time on the floor, Ellie managed to battle through several defenders and slot the ball in the goal. We were back in it!

It was at this point in the game that we started getting more than a little frustrated with the umpiring, and by “we” I mean mostly just myself, although Anne did look rather cross at one point after getting blown up for a very non-existent foot.
And when there was yet another of their feet in their D I was very quick to scream for a short, fortunately the umpire ignored me for long enough for Ellie to score another corker. Unfortunately he stopped ignoring me shortly after that and he had some very stern words that led to me winning DoD and gaining possession of a very fetching onesie.

A draw is probably less than what we deserved but the mighty sixes are still undefeated and long may it continue.

Shout out to Alex for getting MoM for the second week running and Ellie for scoring all the goals and to the umpires for not sending me off.