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L6 Cruise to a 3-0 Win


4th November 2019

By Emma Beaney

Ladies 6s 3 – 0 Reigate Priory L2s

It was a pretty disappointing match if were being honest, the opposition were all over us, we couldn’t run with the ball as we usually do, and passes were going everywhere. South Africa were undoubtedly the better team on the day, and I hate to say it, but they did deserve the win. 

Following the end of the rugby an equally important match was to be played, the Super 6s were ready and raring to go. Most of them anyway, some turned up just in time to see the end of the warm-up (and by some, I mean literally just me).  The game started well, unlike the England team we were passing all around them and it wasn’t long before Ellie had weaved her way into the D. One further swizzle for luck and a straight strike had us 1-0 up. 

The opposition realised then that Ellie was a danger and their tactic for beating her turned into a game of see how many times they could make her fall over. This led the way for us to win a short corner. The ball was powered just outside the post by Emma (not Beaney) but a handy foot from the opposition caused a rebound and our second goal was in. 

We may have relaxed then because we quite quickly conceded a couple of short corners. Now we didn’t expect a short corner against us to be an attacking opportunity but Giselle, ever keen to prove everyone wrong, flew out of the goal and dived at the ball causing it to rebound up to the halfway line for Lily to collect. In a matter of seconds, the ball had gone from our D to theirs and Emma (not Beaney) took her chance to slot her second one into the back of the net.

3-0 up just before half time but Reigate were looking to get their own back with yet another short corner. Marlijn though had other ideas and was keeping out of her skin and the halftime whistle blew with us 3-0 up. 

This was unusual for the 6’s having had to come from behind for the last couple of matches. In the second half we weren’t short of chances but couldn’t seem to convert any of them. They also had quite a few chances with their short corners but with some more epic work from the defence they weren’t able to make anything of them. 

Well done to Emma C for MOM and the two goals, Giselle and Marlijn for excellent defending and thanks to Jess for telling me what to do and where to go.