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Good Day at the Office for Sparticans


25th November 2019

By Simon Fitch

Sparticans 3 - 1 Sunbury and Walton Hawks M4

Scorers: Grant, Curtis L, Iffland

Spartican of The Day: Lee Creaser

A very good day at the office for the Sparticans in a tough, evenly matched game against old rivals Sunbury and Walton. Whilst we shaded the first half in terms of possession, SWH had a number of excellent opportunities and we were heavily indebted to Lee The Cat Creaser for a series of great saves to keep the score against us to zero.

For our part, our younger players once again shone, with Austin having a game worthy of SoTD itself, and Ben and Jordan excelling.  We made the pressure pay with Steve and Lewis scoring (whose hockey bears no resemblance to his father’s – Richard relegated to watching today after kicking the ball once too often a couple of weeks ago).

Half time saw some initially wise words from Coach Fitch junior, who then ruined things by suggesting we didn’t always have to hit the ball?!  It concerns us what they teach in the colts…after the break we had a good patch and should have had a number of goals – the returning international man of mystery Fitchy seemingly forgetting where the Sugden Road goals were, for example.  We did, though, score another great goal through Kevin and the game was won, though SWH did eventually score one – and Lee almost got that one as well.

Umpires Borrow and Anderson looked after things with aplomb, and overall the game was as it should be – hard but fair, with little drams, and followed by another Surbiton teas masterpiece, the customarily lengthy debrief and a men’s 1s victory.   The victory was watched by one of our founding Sparticans, and greatest utility right back, Chris Baker.  Chris was sadly denied an undoubtedly inglorious final farewell with a back injury, but we all wish him well as his deportation to Australia is completed.