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Fantastic Five for Sirens


17th November 2019

By Tracey House

Surbiton Sirens 5 – 0 Croydon and Old Whitgiftian Ladies Dev Team

Surbiton arrived at a chilly Monks Hill Sports centre with a ‘bare minimum’ 11 players which was better than our last game when we started with ten!

It was a quick start with Lisa C, Jo M and Jane all attacking hard into the D, with Phil, Victoria and Tara supporting the forward movement. Another attack led to Lisa charging down the centre of the pitch, with a strong pass to Jo who shot and scored – 1-0, woo hoo!

Great stick skills, ball control, jinxing from side to side, and passing the GK, led to a superb individual goal from Lisa to make it 2-0.

The third goal came from a strong drive forward from Emma and connecting with Lisa for her second.

Emma continued her attacking play, working with Sally, and Tara who was finding space on the wing and using it with skill and speed. Emma, Phil and Jane worked together to help Lisa get her hat trick goal and a fourth for the Sirens. 

The defence continued to stay in control of the back line  with Kate “I’ve already played one game today” who was calm and steady, and Silke “did I touch the ball today?” a solid presence in goal (as usual), along with Sally and Emma, nothing was going to get past them today. 

4-0 at half time – oranges (or were they Clementines?) from Laura (and Mike).  Half time team talk... more of the same please.

We attacked from the start – Tara continued to find space with great interplay with Phil, Emma and Lisa.  Jane made sure we knew she was playing with very clear instructions (shouting) as to where she wanted the ball!

Victoria worked with Phil for goal five. The team continued to attack the D with a range of shots, passes, hits – the GK did well to keep the ball out.  

If we had a DOD award, Victoria would possibly have got it for her dramatic fall (and then just lying on the floor as the play carried on around her) or Emma for losing her keys and having to empty her car out!

Team: Silke (GK), Kate, Laura, Emma, Sally, Lisa C, Tara, Phil, Victoria W, Jo M, Jane

Player of the match: Tara Sandiford