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Cobras Hit the Top of the Table


22nd October 2019

By James Hamper

Cobras 8 - 1 Chertsey Thames Valley M2

Goals: Craig Schultz x4, Rich O’Connor x2, Alex Mckee, Alfie Riley
MotM: Craig "I can’t miss” Schultz
Villain: couple of unsavoury tackles!

Day started badly when our super striker from the colts Ben W decided to leave his gum shield in his pocket for the warmup, and then tried to catch an aerial with his teeth! Sorry Mum!

One down before the push back meant we were on the back foot and some robust tacking from the oppo didn’t help matters, but with the exception of the captain, the team did a good job maintaining composure and focusing on playing flowing hockey.

With Harry Guy-Williams and William Tsolo again creating a wall in defence and swinging it round the back for a textbook exit when under pressure, it wasn’t long before the Valley’s oppo were chasing their tails and goals started to accumulate.

Special mention to MotM Craig Schultz who converted all his chances for the first time ever and ended with four goals. By the time it was all over we had clinically taken eight goals and the heat had come out of the game allowing for a friendly post match tea in the brief spell of sunny weather!

Cobras are now top of the table!