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Support Neil’s Clubhouse Cycle!

29th April 2024

By Surbiton HC

Join Neil Tomlinson, proud father of Bessie and Vice Chair of Deloitte, as he embarks on an extraordinary journey to raise funds for the SHC Clubhouse.

In his late 50s, Neil is not your average cyclist. A former judo player turned cycling enthusiast, he's gathering fellow former sportsmen for a challenging ride from London to Paris. Covering nearly 500km in just three days, from June 13th to 15th, this organised event is no easy feat. 

Starting from Imber Court in London, the route takes them through picturesque landscapes, from Folkestone to Calais, then onto Amiens, and finally culminating at the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. But Neil's ride isn't just about personal achievement; it's a mission to support Surbiton HC. With the Paris Olympics on the horizon and the club celebrating its 150th anniversary, Neil aims to raise funds for the much-needed refurbishment of the clubhouse.

Calling on fellow club members and supporters, Neil seeks sponsorship, suggesting a contribution of £10 from each. Despite facing challenges like a thigh strain, Neil is committed to his training regime and will keep everyone updated through regular blogs. Join Neil on this epic journey, where every pedal stroke brings him closer to his goal of rebuilding and revitalising the clubhouse. 

Click here to support Neil and help fundraise for the new clubhouse

Keep your eyes peeled for posters and social media posts about updates for Neil’s ride.