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Introduction to Umpiring Course

12th June 2024

By Surbiton HC

We are pleased to be running a free 'Introduction to Umpiring' course at the club later this month.

Date: Sunday 23rd June 2024

Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Cost: Free!

Who is it for? Juniors (rising year 11s and above), senior players and parents / guardians are eligible to join - you do not have to be a hockey player to attend one of our umpiring courses. 

Book here

(If you can’t make this course but would like to register your interest for future courses, please complete this form.)

We are looking to help more people get into umpiring. Due to the size of the club, providing umpires is a huge task for both senior games on Saturdays and junior games on Sundays.

Umpiring hockey matches can be a rewarding and enriching experience for several reasons:

1. Deepen understanding of the game: Umpiring offers a unique perspective on hockey, enhancing your knowledge of rules, strategies, and nuances. This can improve your appreciation of the game and your skills as a player or coach.

2. Stay active and engaged: Umpiring is a physically active role that helps you stay fit and involved in the sport and keeping you connected to the hockey community.

3. Develop leadership and decision-making skills: As an umpire, you must make quick, confident decisions and manage various situations on the field. This hones your leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities, which are valuable in all aspects of life.

4. Contribute to the sport: Umpiring is essential for the smooth conduct of hockey matches. By becoming an umpire, you give back to the sport, ensuring fair play and helping to maintain high standards of conduct and competition.

5. Build a network and community: Umpiring allows you to meet new people, build friendships, and become part of a supportive community of officials, players, and coaches.

Overall, umpiring hockey matches is a fulfilling way to stay connected with the sport, develop valuable skills, and make a meaningful contribution to the hockey community.

This course is led by Andy Parker, Lead for Umpire Development at SHC. Even if you don’t go on to be a regular umpire, the course will give you more knowledge of the game and help you understand while watching your kids play.