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Feb Half Term Camps Open for Booking

24th January 2024

By Surbiton HC Junior Team

We are excited to announce that our programme of February half term camps is now confirmed and open for bookings!

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We are running a themed day camp this half term…

Game Play & Tactical Decision Making for Outfielders
Thursday 15th February (10:00 - 15:00)
Years 7-9 / Years 10-13

Game Play & Tactical Decision Making for Goal Keepers
Thursday 15th February (10:00 - 15:00)
Years 7-13

What is this camp focused on?

All teams are heading into the final few games of the season in their various competitions playing pressure games. This camp will all be directly related to game play and tactics. Tactics can be the difference between winning and losing and we want to ensure that our young players are introduced to different forms of tactics and game play on the camp. There will be lots of 11 aside game play, using different styles of play, defensive and attacking systems. 

The session will be split into three phases:

Defensive outlet - how does a team play the ball out from the back?

Midfield reception and rotation - how do midfielders receive the ball from the outlet to get the ball forward to the attack?

Final third attacking and goal scoring - when we get to the opposition final third, how do we score a goal?

Why join this camp?

This will be a great day to learn from the very best and will give players/teams an edge coming into the later stages of the season.

Why not bring your whole team? It will be a real 'training day' vibe and the most effective way to progress in your team is to bring members of the same team!

The GK camp will run alongside the outfield Game Play & Tactics camp. Goalkeepers will be coached by specialist coaches and will be involved in lots of games and drills to assist their knowledge of differing game play tactics and how best to defend the goal against these. 

NOTE: Please ensure you select the correct camp for your age group and position when booking