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Fancy being a commentator on our YouTube channel?

2nd February 2024

By Will Fulker

We’re looking for commentators to cover our Premier Division games live on YouTube…

If you haven't tuned in or subscribed yet, we've been featuring thrilling W1/M1 games on our YouTube channel this season.

Now, we're upping the ante by introducing fantastic commentary, and guess what? We'd love for YOU to be the voice that adds life to the game!

If you're passionate about Premier Division hockey and have a talent for storytelling, we're eager to get you involved. Drop me and Tony Jones a line with a brief demo reel showcasing your stellar commentary skills.

No demo reel? No problem! Grab a 5-minute game clip from our YouTube channel and add your own voiceover twist.

Just a heads up: we're considering live auditions during the games on the afternoon of Saturday 10th February. So, if you're ready to provide some hockey energy, move quickly!

We’re also looking for volunteers who would be interested in learning how to stream games.  If you’re interested, let us know and come for a trial on Saturday 10th February.