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Junior Match Round Up: 29th October 2023

31st October 2023

By Nat Pirie

Girls U14 Matches

Doves vs Richmond
Well done to the Doves for beating Richmond 2-1. It was a very close game but Charley J and Amelie T were able to put the ball in the goal thanks to the assists from Charley S. Goalkeeper Poppy L did really well to keep balls out of the goal and made some really good saves. Overall, the team did really well and Seren R was chosen as Player of the Match.

Wrens vs Pioneers
A tough game between two of our Surbiton teams. The U14 Wrens teams beat the U16 Pioneers 4-2. Well done to Chess W for scoring both goals. Isabel M made six incredible saves, allowing only two goals to get past her. A great win for these girls and well done to Amelie G for being selected as the Wrens Player of the Match. Well done to Charlotte G and Antonia B for scoring for the Pioneers. Goals were assisted by Bessie T and Antonia B. Overall a good game - congratulations to Bessie T and Georgie G for sharing the title of Pioneers Player of the Match.

Magpies vs Old Cranleighans
A great game from the Magpies beating OCs 4-1. The goal scorers were Charis W, Shriya S, and Ria S x2. The team played really well together and it was an enjoyable game for them. Goalkeeper Pippa T wasn't too busy but made two incredible saves throughout the game. Congratulations to Shriya S and Asha W for sharing the title of Player of the Match.

Hawks vs Old Cranleighans
Unfortunately, the Hawks struggled in the first half of their match against OCs conceding six goals, but when the second half started it was like a new team got on the pitch, only conceding one further goal. A special mention to the U12 girls who stepped up to play with the U14s. The final score was 7-1. Well done to Freya for scoring a goal. Isla F had a phenomenal game, having over 20 incredible saves and was deserving of her title as Player of the Match.

Swans vs Sparrows
Another exciting game between two Surbiton teams. This was a very evenly matched game that ended in a 2-2 draw. However, the match couldn’t end there, so the teams had to go to shuffles. The Swans ended up beating the Sparrows in these shuffles. Good job to Issy A and Flo N for scoring the goals and to Tegan C for being chosen as Player of the Match.

Ospreys vs Eagles
There were a few Surbiton vs Surbiton games this Sunday! It was a very tight game between the Ospreys and Eagles, but well done to the Eagles for winning 5-4. The goalscorers for the Ospreys were Ophelia M, Emily B, and Arabella C. The goalscorers for Eagles were Romaine H, Tileena T, Leyli M, Maeve H and Izzy J. Well done to both goalkeepers Lexi and Ava, both making incredible saves and keeping their teams in the game.

Boys U14 Matches

Scorpions vs Old Gergians
Well done to Scorpions for beating OGs 4-1. This was a very good game and the team played very well together.

Stoats vs Old Cranleighans
Unlucky for the Stoats this Sunday, losing 2-0 against OCs. Well done to Benjamin McK for making seven incredible saves and trying to keep the team in the game. Congratulations to Dharma C for being selected as Player of the Match.

Boys U16 Matches

Jackals vs Old Cranleighans
It was a tough day for the Jackals who unfortunately lost 10-2 against OCs. Well done to Hudson S for managing to get two goals past their keeper, and to the boys for persevering and not giving up despite the scoreline.