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The latest from the Clubhouse Team...

Clubhouse Corner: 8th February 2023

By Ann Bedford

Please make sure we know about nut allergies this week!

Match Teas Schedule

  • 11.30am: M5 vs OC
  • 12pm: Sparks vs Barnes
  • 12pm: B2H
  • 1pm: L8 vs Aces
  • 1.30pm: M3A vs THD
  • 2pm: Vintage vs Spencer (OL)
  • 3pm: L4 vs West Hampstead
  • 3.30pm: L7 vs Spencer (OL)
  • 3.30pm: L2 vs Canterbury
  • 4.30pm: Sparticans vs Barnes
  • 5pm: M2 vs Wapping
  • 6pm: Jokers vs Wimbledon
  • 7pm: L1 vs Wimbledon

It is a very busy weekend so please try and keep to the tea schedule time slots. Changing rooms and showers will also be busy so please be flexible and accommodating of each other. The main bottle necks will be at 1.30pm for the men and 3pm for the ladies.

MEMBERSHIP CARDS: Most people are now getting the hang of the membership cards, just a couple of reminders of how it works for those who are unsure.

  • 10% of what you spend is added to your membership card by way of points (merchandise, gate tickets, pool and event tickets are excluded)
  • You can spend your points with each transaction or save them
  • Points can be donated back to the club in multiples of £2
  • Please do not give your card to others, it is designed to benefit you
  • If you lose your card a new one can be purchased for £5 and your points will be transferred to it.
  • If you have not picked yours up please ask at the bar (preferably when it’s not too busy!)

200 CLUB: Congratulations to our Ex-President on winning the 200 Club draw, typically it was the only Saturday that Suresh wasn’t at the club! It is easy to sign up to the 200 club and for £5 per month you to would be in the monthly draw for £100 prize - click here for more details.

QUIZ NIGHT: Congratulations also to the reigning quiz champions Bright Sparks on winning the quiz on Friday evening, it was great to see so many teams and we look forward to the next one on Friday 3rd March.

LOST PROPERTY: Those unfortunate enough to leave belongings at the club will have had the pleasure of going through the Lost Property Bin. It is a huge wheelie bin and is now overflowing, I will endeavour to sort through it this week but most of the items have been left outside and some for some time, anything salvageable will be laid out on the benches outside so please take a look and reclaim.

BRINGING YOUR DOG TO SHC: Despite notices on the entrance gate and each pitch we still have some dog owners that regard their pooch to be above our rules. Please keep dogs on a lead, pick up after them and do not take them onto the pitch. We love seeing so many four legged friends and have water bowls and treats in the bar for the ones who behave themselves.


BT Sport Football on Saturday
12.30pm: West Ham vs Chelsea

This weekend’s 6 Nations

2.15pm: Ireland vs France
4.45pm: Scotland vs Wales

3pm: England vs Italy

And finally… January’s Clubhouse Stats! 

  • Galaxy Hot chocolate has returned to the top of the tree as our best selling hot drink (384)
  • Lattes are top of the coffee pile (169)
  • Sausage rolls (99) have quite rightly been a huge hit and are second only to the Sunday morning bacon bap (166)
  • Cans of Diet Coke (68) just beat Raspberry Lucozade (62) in the battle of the soft drinks
  • Dry Roasted (49) are the nut winners but convincingly beaten by chilli crisps (79) on the snack front
  • Amstel (468 pts) is still the runaway leader in the battle of the beers
  • The stat everyone has been waiting for… in the 3 weeks since the pool table has been in situ, 118 games have been played so far (not all by Will)

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