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The latest from the Clubhouse Team...

Clubhouse Corner: 30th September 2023

By Ann Bedford

The new season is now in full swing...

This Weekend's Match Teas

Saturday's Menu

Cumberland / Vegan Sausage with Cheesy Mash
Honey & Mustard Cannellini Beans
Braised lettuce with peas & bacon

Saturday's Match Teas Schedule

11:30 Sparks vs W5
12:00 W7 vs Jaguars
12:00 B2H
13:00 W4 vs London Eds
13:30 M3 vs West Hampstead
14:30 M5 vs Jokers
15:00 Cobras vs Sparticans
15:30 W9 vs Teddington
16:00 W3 vs Wayfarers
17:00 W6 vs OC
17:00 W2 vs Holcombe
17:30 M3A vs Spencer
20:00 M1 vs Holcombe

As always, please confirm dietary requirements by Wednesday. Please keep to your slots where possible and help the clubhouse team by scraping and clearing your plates, and leaving the teas room as you’d expect to find it. Thank you!

New Membership Cards for Adult Playing Members

Don’t forget to pick up your new membership cards if you are a fully paid up adult playing member - they will get you into the first team games. If you are a new member you will hopefully now be on the system although for the Juniors we are waiting until the new members have finished their trials and commit before adding to the till, hopefully this will be in the next week or so. Please bear with us, it is a manual system so not without its human errors.

Welcome to Our New Clubhouse Staff

You will have noticed some new faces behind the bar and in the tea hut. We are getting a great team together with Ozee and Paolo behind the bar, and Eleanor and Iris in the hut and on food duty during the week.

Zak, Anna and Jack/Luigi/Ginger Boy are also back, as are our dynamic catering crew Alison and chefs Hugh and Oli and their various cohort. Thank you to all for your hard work in keeping the clubhouse machine going.

A little biased but I should probably say a huge thank you to Harry who spent hours behind the bar over the last year (except when he was on one of his numerous holidays), good luck at Uni and I’m sure everyone will see him back during the holidays.

Socials, Live Sport & Events in the Clubhouse

It was great to see a whole host of different teams staying down on Saturday evening, revelling in their victories...

Quiz NightLet me know if you would like the quiz back. The first one would be next Friday, same as before, £10pp includes a fish & chip supper. £50 bar tab for the winner. It’s a fun evening expertly delivered by the one and only Tony Haycroft. Teams of 6, arrive at 7pm for a 7:30pm start.

Premises Licence Application – As many of you will know, the club runs with a Club Premises Certificate rather than a full Premises Licence. I have applied for a full licence but unfortunately not all of the neighbours are on our side as they think we will be open round the clock / have music outside 24/7 / turn into a nightclub / allow lots of n’er do wells in and many other reasons. The new licence will make little difference to the day to day running of the bar, we will still be a Members Club and we would in fact have more restrictions. It would very much help our cause with our neighbours if you could be considerate when parking and leaving the club. Noise and inconsiderate parking are the top two complaints, so behaving yourselves, as you all did this Saturday would be appreciated.

Evening Menu - there will be hot food available every evening and we will assess if it is a worthwhile option in mid-October, look out for the blackboard with the day’s menu.

Sport on TV - There’s lots more Rugby World Cup action towards the end of the week with the obvious highlight being Scotland vs Romania at 8pm on Saturday. There’s midweek EFL cup this week, with Man United vs Crystal Palace on Tuesday at 8pm and Newcastle vs Man City on Weds. The Ryder Cup starts on Friday, don’t forget we open from 3pm on Fridays.

This Weekend - We look forward to welcoming Mizuno and other sponsors this Saturday for more fun and frolics.

Reminder: Impact Gumshields

There are still some Impact Gumshields ordered at Play Day waiting to be collected. Please ensure you pick yours up if you ordered one at Play Day!


Ann  |

The SHC Clubhouse was buzzing on Saturday evening