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Urgent Appeal: Donate Items to Help Ukraine

7th March 2022

By Surbiton HC

One of our members is arranging a collection of medical and other supplies for Ukraine.

Please see the message below from Olena. If you can donate any of the items on the list or sleeping bags and thermal clothing, please bring these along to the donation point we have set up in the marquee at SHC. We will be helping Olena and her husband to collect donations until Thursday 10th March. 

Any packing boxes / crates to gather the donations would also be gratefully received. 

Olena will also accept donations to her JUSTGIVING page

Firstly, let me introduce myself. 

My name is Olena Fedyna and my son is a member of the SHC U12 team. My husband and I are originally from Ukraine. 

Please excuse my rather direct approach, but in the light of recent military events in Ukraine, I am appealing to you for help. Being British citizens for many years, but having Ukrainian heritage, my husband and I strongly feel that it is our duty to assist our fellow Ukrainians.  So far, I have been involved with collections for the Ukrainian women and children that were fleeing Ukraine to neighbouring countries. 

Recently my husband, Roman Fedyna, has been in touch with the Lviv regional state administration and they are asking, if not begging, for help. So now Roman will be purchasing a pickup truck to drive to Polish/Ukrainian border Friday 11th March himself to deliver the specific items they have asked for the men that are on the frontline. Therefore, I will be collecting medical supplies (please see the list below), thermal clothing for men and sleeping bags to fill up the truck. 

If you could donate any of the above,  we would deeply appreciate that gesture. And if you have any questions please either contact me on my mobile 07717885578 or email

Thank you in advance for your help with this matter. 

Kind regards,

1 IFAK - priority

2 Combat Medical backpack

3 Tourniquets (CAT (all generations)

4 Bandages (Israeli type)

5 Hemostatic combat gauze

6 Tamponade gauze (quickclots)

7 Decompression needles

8 Occlusive tapes (halo)

9 Burns dressings / bandages

10 Sterile Bandages (10x14)

11 Dressings

12 Non-woven adgesive tape

13 Sterile wipes (min 20x10)

14 Intra-osseous disposable access system

15 Systems for blood and plasma transfusion

16 Laryngeal masks with combi tubes (4,5,6)

17 Immobilising flexible splints (SAM splint)

18 Elastic bandages

19 Soft gauze

20 Coloids / Crystalloids

21 Soft Folding stretchers

22 Shield for evacuating the injured

23 Trauma scissors

24 PPE - gloves / masks/ eye protection

25 NPA, OPA pocket masks

26 Tactical bags

27 Pill packs - antipyretics, antibiotocs, painkillers

28 Tracheostomy / conicotomy kits

29 Pulsoximeters

30 Chlorine hexadine 0.05%,

31 Wound cleaners

32 Betadine

33 Sorbants

34 Tapes

35 Manual ventilator PVC rescuscitator, Ambu bags

36 Tranexamic acid

37 Transparent Tegarderm

38 Thermal blankets

39 Blood substitutes and perfusion solutions - refortan, glucose, reosorbilakt, physical solution, rheopolyglucin, Ringer's Solution

40 Broad spectrum injectable antibiotocs

41 Drotaverine hydrochloride injection

42 Dexamethasone injection

43 Magnesium sulphate injection

44 Furosemide injection

45 Adrenaline - dopamine, adrenaline injection

46 Diclofenac injection

47 Analgesics injectable

48 Systems for intravenous transfusions

49 Peripheral intravenous catheters