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Clubhouse Corner: 9th February 2022

9th February 2022

By Ann Bedford

The latest from the Clubhouse team…

This Saturday's Menu

  • Coq au Vin
  • Braised Cabbage with carraway
  • Ciabatta with Café de Paris butter
  • Roast Stuffed Peppers with Tomato Confit
  • Green salad

Match Teas Schedule: Saturday 12th February

  • 11.30am: L6 vs Teddington
  • 12pm: L9 vs Cheam
  • 1pm: M3A vs Spencer
  • 1.30pm: L3 vs West Herts
  • 2pm: Vintage vs Chelmsford
  • 3pm: Cobras vs Teddington
  • 3.30pm: L1 vs Beeston
  • 4.30pm: L5 vs Spencer
  • 5pm: M2 vs Purley
  • 6pm: Magnets vs OCs

JJB Play Equipment - reminder
On Saturday there was a lot of damage to the Jumping Jelly Beans play equipment, it should only be used by children under 5 and with adult supervision - it is not the bar staff's responsibility to look after children.

Lost Property - last call to collect
There is a huge amount of lost property that has been laid out in the marquee. If you have lost something please take a look through as it will all be going to a charity shop near you on Friday.

Six Nations
It was great to see so many of you watching the rugby at the club on Saturday. The games this weekend are:

2.15pm: Wales vs Scotland
4.45pm: France vs Ireland

3pm: Italy vs England

We'll also be showing plenty of Premier League football on BT Sport this week.

Socials & Events

Let me know what games you would like to see out for our Games Night on Saturday 19th February. We will have a dart board out and run a beer pong tournament, but let me know other random games that you're keen to play on the night. Email your ideas to

Friday's quiz was fun, if a little less slick than normal. Thanks to Dan Fox for preparing the questions - I’m so glad I had my hotline to my Brazilian pronunciation expert! Well done to team “Who Farted” who are very sensibly using their winnings to pay for next month's entry fee!

Thanks also to the quizzers it’s good to see some regular teams now but there’s always room for more! The next quiz is Friday 4th March with a 7.30pm start.