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Clubhouse Corner: 16th February 2022

16th February 2022

By Ann Bedford

The latest updates from the clubhouse team…

Saturday's Match Teas Menu

  • Chicken Vindaloo
  • Sag Aloo
  • Coconut Dhal
  • Afghan Naan
  • Mint Yoghurt
  • Catchumber Salad

Match Teas Schedule: Sat 19th Feb

  • 11.30am: Sparticans vs Cheam
  • 12pm: Sparks/L6/L7/L8
  • 1pm: M4.5 vs Holcombe
  • 1.30pm: Vintage vs Eastcote
  • 3pm: L2 vs Trojans & L9/Sirens vs Reigate
  • 4.30pm: L4 vs Reigate; M3 vs EG
  • 6pm: B2H (tbc)
  • 7pm: M1 vs OGs

This Saturday Night

The hockey action and match teas will be followed by games night in the clubhouse – Beer pong, darts and other silly games.

The Hockey Pro League games between England and Argentina will also be shown from 7.30pm in the bar.

There is a 6 Nations break this weekend but it will be back on the 26th February, which coincides with our first Super Saturday of 2022.

Changes to Drinks at SHC

Behind the scenes we have a busy last couple of weeks in February getting ready for our new beer supplier, the introduction of our Membership Loyalty cards and the dreaded price increase.

Just to update you all we will be moving from Asahi to Carlsberg and the offering will be:

  • Youngs Original Bitter (London Pride will stay for the time being on our “Guest Ale” tap
  • Amstel & San Miguel Lagers
  • Thatchers Gold Cider
  • Guinness
  • Shipyard American Pale Ale
  • We will also have the capability of a mobile bar for our busy days, which will serve Carlsberg.

I am hoping for a seamless migration to Carlsberg but please bear with us if there are any teething issues. All bottled beers and wines and spirits will remain unchanged for the time being except for Honey Dew & ESB, which we will be looking to replace. During the spring we will also host a wine tasting event to choose our house wines.

New SHC Loyalty Cards

For anyone who missed the emails last week, easy-to-read instructions about the new loyalty cards are available here

Thank you for all your feedback regarding the Loyalty cards, I hope I’ve managed to answer your questions so far but feel free to email or grab me for a chat at any point if you have any queries.

Finally a really big thank you to the whole team for their input, support, patience and effort to get the initiative off the ground.