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This Week's Clubhouse Corner

13th April 2022

By Ann Bedford

The latest updates from the Clubhouse team...

Thank you all for being part of a record breaking day on Saturday. I know you’re all itching to find out some stats!

143 vodkas
85 Tequilas
58 Jagerbombs

395 Pints of Amstel
313 Pints of San Miguel
101 Pints of Thatchers Gold

70 Portions of fries
61 Packets of crisps

464 human legs watching the L1 and 782 watching the M1 vs Wimbledon games

Bar Closure this Week
As there is no evening training this week, the bar will be closed from Tuesday 12th and re-open on Tuesday 19th April. Good luck and hope that the guys and girls have a great EHL trip.

End Of Season Party
That was the end of our match tea offering for this season but we look forward to welcoming the chefs back to the kitchen for our End of Season party on 23rd.

EOS tickets are now sold out, but if you have missed the boat please send me a message and we will see what we can do. Thanks to all that have booked early - it makes life so much easier.

We will be sending out table lists to the team captains later this week for them to check. Some teams have a great turnout so we may need to split some into two rather than squish you all on one table.

Please come back with your dietary requirements so we can ensure all eventualities are catered for. The menu is:

Mozzarella salad with baby plum tomatoes, fried capers, basil vinaigrette & grissini


Confit of duck, butterbeans, on spring greens with a port & sour cherry sauce / Vegetarian option: Seasonal Asparagus Risotto


Hugh’s boozy Tiramisu

Thanks all and look see most of you on the 23rd. Have a great Easter!
Ann  |