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Book Your Impact Gum Shield Fitting

25th August 2022

By Surbiton HC

You can now book your custom fitting with our new partner Impact Gum Shields on Sunday 4th September.

Click here to book a slot

Surbiton HC Clubhouse

Sunday 4th September, 10am - 3pm

How do bookings work?
Impact will track bookings made via the link above and set up an appointment schedule so people know when to come for their scan. For any queries please contact them direct:
Telephone: +353 852544644 (Phone/WhatsApp)

Orders & Collection
A second gum shield (for the same person) available for a 25% discount.
You can change your gum shield type/colour on the day of fitting if you wish.
Gum shields will be posted to the clubhouse free of charge for collection.
Please note cancelled orders are subject to £5 processing fee