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Umpires Needed: Help Keep Your Team’s Games On!

22nd April 2021

By Surbiton HC

We are on the lookout for more umpires to help out on game day.

With well over 20 regular adult teams in action most weekends, finding umpires to cover our officiating duties can be a tricky task for our awesome umpiring coordinators.

Whether you are someone who ‘politely advises’ your umpire about the decisions you think they are getting wrong during a match (and so must know all the rules!), or you’re happy to help but don’t know where to start, we’d love to hear from you!

You don’t have to commit to umpiring every single weekend, but having some more people putting their hand up to help will make a huge difference to our ability to make game day run smoothly for every team in the club.

To put this into context, if five club members read this post and each umpired a handful of games per year, that would help us cover more than two of our teams for an entire season!

Please contact Jess if you can give a little of your time on a Saturday to umpire a game.

We have plenty of support available for budding umpires, including hosting umpiring courses and qualifications and a mentoring programme to help you gain confidence with the whistle. For more information on umpire development, please visit this page or email Ian