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Lockdown Fitness with Nathan Bell: January 2021

12th January 2021

By Surbiton HC

Full details on the health and fitness programmes strength & conditioning partner Nathan Bell is offering SHC members during January…

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30 Day Holistic Health Challenge*

  • Who? Adults and parents as well as older players at the club (14+)
  • The Goal: To help people create positive habits for 2021. To provide a fun, community based programme online that promotes interaction and accountability
  • How It Works: There are two options for people depending on their preference:
    • Option A: You will be part of a closed Facebook community where there will be a new workout posted everyday at 7pm for the following day. The Facebook group will be a place to share training success as well as answer challenges laid out. 
    • Option B: If you do not like Facebook you will receive a PDF of the training programme 
    • With both options you will be sent a weekly pack that includes a nutrition and lifestyle challenge for the week. 
  • *start date 11th January

16 Week Transformation Programme

  • I have a few spots available for anyone who wants to commit to a more intensive, personalised programme that includes a blend of personal training sessions and remote coaching through my app. The programme is suitable for all ages, and is flexible to the needs of the client.

“I want to have a big impact in 2021 and help as many people as possible. Please get in touch to join or find out more!”

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