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First Team Mascots Have a Great Day

17th November 2021

By Surbiton HC

Our raffle winners enjoyed being being first team mascots for Super Saturday’s Premier League games at Sugden Road. The mascots tell us more about their experiences…

“I had the most exciting day on Saturday when I was the mascot for the ladies 1st team. I couldn’t believe I got to hold an actual Olympic gold medal. It was so heavy!!! I loved warming up with the team and doing ball patrol for the game. It inspired me to always play my best and never give up!”
Emilie Rose

“The L1s match on Saturday the 13th November was the best hockey match I have ever seen. I liked watching all of the amazing players score 4 astonishing goals. I was so happy when they signed my stick and I even got to hold some of their medals! I really enjoyed meeting all of the squad personally. Thank you!”

“It was very exciting to meet the team and fun doing the warm up. I really liked suggesting a warm up for the team to do. I am looking forward to taking my signed stick to school to show my class."

“It was really cool being mascot. I went into the changing room to meet the team before the match but the bit I liked most was the warm up with the men as it was fun to run round the pitch and chat with some of the players. I had photos taken after the match and lots of them signed a Surbiton shirt for me. It was a shame that the team lost but it was a really good match to watch.”