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Colts Round Up: 3rd October 2021

5th October 2021

By Surbiton HC

Well done to all our Colts teams who played and training at the weekend.

Our Cup teams had a clean sweep wins on Sunday, while there were also lots of fantastic squad games played throughout the day. The latest results and match reports...

Girls U14 Wrens ( T1 Cup) 9 – 0 Reading (T1 Cup)

Girls U14 Ospreys (T2 Cup) 7 – 0 Richmond (T2 Cup)

Girls U16 Calypsos (T2 Cup) 2 – 1 Brom Becks (T2 Cup)

Girls U18 Jays 3 – 0 Wimbledon (T1 Cup)

Boys U14 Seals 1 - 2 Girls U16 Pioneers (Squad Game) – match report

Boys U12 Marlins 1 – 0 Wimbledon

Boys U14 Scorpions 4 - 0 Sevenoaks (T2 Cup)

Boys U16 Coyotes 1 – 0 Wimbledon (T1 Cup)

Boys U16 Huskies 4 – 0 Old Cranleighans (T2 Cup)

Boys U18 Vikings 9 – 0 Wimbledon (T1 Cup)


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