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Clubhouse Corner: 31st March 2021

31st March 2021

By Ann Bedford

Hello from the other side!

I can’t believe we are all nearly back, I say nearly because I know you are now all allowed to play again but there is this fortnight’s gap where there is no hospitality. This unfortunately means just ‘play and go’ for now. Please do not try and bend the rules by staying within the grounds (including car park) with a sneaky beer or two – tempting as it is, we are all aware that there is a lot of non-club traffic around and the last thing we need are any reports of people breaking the rules as it could still mean a fine for the club or an issue with the licence going forward.

No lockdown is complete without me picking up a paintbrush and alongside Elisa we have managed to clean, paint and varnish the ladies changing rooms so they are all nice and sparkly clean for your full return. The compass-engraved messages [in the picture below] can thankfully barely be seen now but I hope that R+M are still in love and that Bethany is now a reformed character! Before you guys get upset the men’s changing rooms have also been cleaned and are ready for a couple of volunteers to redecorate – if you would like to help with this please get in touch. A big shout to Tony Portelly, Mark, Tony Jones & Fred who have put a lot of time in over this lockdown to ensure the grounds are looking their best for you all (manual labour comes easier to some of these names more than others).

We currently have a plethora of vacancies, which we are looking to fill ASAP. Please contact me for further details or if you are interested in any of the following roles:

  • Bar staff – 3 additional members of staff, predominantly over the weekend (so would not suit players), experience is required. Rates of pay are subject to experience.
  • Tea hut staff – Sunday morning is the time the tea hut shines and it offers a great first job for any youngster. Working on a rota system the main role is feeding and watering all of our colts, parents & visitors between 8am – 2pm.
  • Clubhouse Assistant – A key role to look after the cleaning and maintenance duties of the clubhouse, with increasing numbers at the club we are looking to ensure we look our best seven days a week! This is a flexible 16 hours per week @ £10 p/h and may suit a member.

No match teas or bar as yet but we are looking to return to full outside table service from 12th April. Match teas should be back from 17th April – again this will be table service and outside only. This does, of course, assume that the master end of lockdown plan stays on track. I am currently struggling to keep track of what is happening on the pitches from the 17th and I can only imagine what Chrissie is going through – huge thanks from me for trying to herd the metaphorical cats.

With a renewed interest in booking the clubhouse for parties I suggest anyone that is planning anything and assuming it will be free gets in touch ASAP. We have a number of bookings already scheduled in over the summer so don’t miss out on hosting your event or birthday bash at the club.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon but in the meantime please stick to the rules, build up a thirst and enjoy being back on the pitches.