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Clubhouse Corner: 14th April 2021

14th April 2021

By Ann Bedford

It’s here, we’re back! Hoorah!

With the snow lying on the ground as I write this, it’s a perfect time to reintroduce outside only service. It’s a good job you’re a hardy, and slightly bonkers lot!

Saturday’s Match Teas will be served in the marquee and you can move to benches once you have eaten and stay for copious amounts of drink. The marquee is laid out with a few small tables and chairs as we have a fitness group using the space in the mornings. Please don’t be tempted to push tables together or move benches inside. Tables will be set up on Saturday morning for match teas.

All orders will be taken at your table. The only exception to this will be for those wanting a little refreshment post training. Please order before you train so we can get the drinks to you as soon as you finish. The bar staff will be on hand to take your orders. As previously stated we will be opening at 5pm now, with last orders at 10.45pm and close by 11.30pm. This is for a trial period so hopefully you can make the most of the timings.

You should all be aware but the basic rules of being served only at a table are back. No wandering around with drinks please (this means no beers at pitch side!) and a maximum of 6 per group or 2 households. 

Please make sure you have your masks handy as these will need to be worn when you enter the clubhouse, which is only open for use of the toilets. Changing rooms and showers are still out of use. Speaking of changing rooms, President Powders has been our lonely painter – I am sure he would love someone to talk to, so if you can volunteer an hour or two the Men’s changing areas will be (nearly) as good as the Ladies.

We have a second batch of SHC grips now available from the tea hut and bar for £8 each, there’s a limited supply so get in quick!

Following a great response to the vacancy adverts we have now filled all positions. Thank you for spreading the word – as a result of this you will see lots of new faces around the clubhouse and I will introduce these to you over the coming weeks.

For those of us blessed with youthful good looks please bring ID as I am encouraging all the staff to check ages. The fines for serving alcohol to under 18s are huge and could result in the club losing its licence.

The boys are back in town and this week’s match teas menu is:

  • Pasta Bolognaise with chorizo & chilli
  • Pasta with pea & almond pesto, lemon zest & roast beetroot
  • Garlic ciabatta
  • Salad Selection

Please let me know tea numbers and allergies ASAP and check what time your tea will be served as we are trying to ensure sensible gaps between service.

The match tea schedule on Saturday 17th April is:

  • 11.30am: L7 v Old Kingstonians
  • 12pm: M2 & M3
  • 12.30pm: L9 v Sunbury
  • 1pm: Cobras v Old Kingstonian M3
  • 2pm: Sirens v Croydon Old Whitgiftians
  • 2.30pm: L4 v London Academicals
  • 3.30pm: Magnets v OCs
  • 4pm: L3 v Reading L2
  • 5pm: L6 & L8
  • 5.30pm: L2 v Southgate

The club will be respecting the minute’s silence at 3pm for HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh.

Enjoy the hockey, the beer and the food, and please help us to keep us all safe and open.