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2021 Summer Holiday Deals for SHC Members

16th January 2021

By Surbiton HC

Lying on a sun lounger or playing on the beach might feel like a world away right now, but having a holiday to look forward to might be just what you need to get you through more time in lockdown!

"One of the key things people have learnt from the experience of cancelled, postponed and disrupted holidays in 2020 has been the significant savings and extra protection that booking a package holiday can offer compared to DIY bookings to the same destination" (Which?, November 2020)

If you’re keen to find out more about a great holiday to look forward to later in 2021, look no further than club partners Lisette & Liam (Not Just Travel). Their friendly, bespoke approach will help you find the perfect travel package for you and your family.

…and for every NJT booking Lisette and Liam generate for SHC members, the club will receive 10%!