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Thinking of becoming a Parent Manager for SHC Colts?


25th August 2020

By Surbiton HC

Lara, one of our Parent Managers, tells us more about why she’s enjoyed being part of our amazing volunteer team...

“Last year was my first season as a parent manager. I have no 'hockey skills' but love the game and environment in club hockey, so I always felt bad being around at the edge of the pitch and not being able to help such a busy club. I was really glad to find a way to give something back to the club.

Once I got started it was definitely not as daunting as I thought and I quickly got to know the team and other parents better. Having been at other clubs where it is a less experienced parent who assists on the bench when games are being played, it is a definitely a treat for the players to always have a coach at the games. Having Parent Managers at SHC allows the coaches to focus on the hockey rather than on answering lots of questions on where and when the games are and how to get there!

As a police officer in my professional life I wasn’t sure I had the right skills to assist at the club. However I realised my organisational skills (and my light-hearted threats to using my police taser on rowdy parents!) helped keep the pressure off the coaches and they soon realised they could just boss me around instead!

I really enjoyed my first season in the role and I’m really looking forward to working with the kids, parents and coaches again in 2020/21.”

If you would like to become a Parent Manager please complete this survey or contact Liselle Carey if you have any further questions about what the role requires.