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SHC Camps... Revamped!


17th January 2020

By Surbiton HC

We have listened to feedback from Colts and parents and we are introducing some exciting changes to our SHC Holiday Camp Programmes.

* Sibling Discounts * Refer a Friend Scheme *
* More fun, hockey related games * More prizes *

Sibling Discounts 

Book at where you will see the different ticket categories. 

This is open to members of the same family only. You will need to select a full price ticket for your first child to qualify for a discount on the ticket price for subsequent children. If buying tickets for your children to attend the same camp but with differing numbers of days, the cheapest ticket will qualify for the sibling discount.   

Significant savings can be made! e.g. You could save £60 on the cost of a 3 day camp for 3 children.

Refer a Friend Scheme

You will receive a discount on your ticket for each non SHC member who is new to our Holiday Camps.  Ask your friend to email your name to when they sign up. 

  • Refer 1 friend - receive 10% off
  • Refer 2 friends - receive 20% off
  • Refer 3 friends - receive 30% off and so on.
  • Refer 10 friends - get your ticket FREE!

Only 5 weeks to go before our February Half Term Camp (17-19th February 2020) - book online now!