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Review of the Year: Your SHC Website in 2020

23rd December 2020

By Surbiton HC

After the launch of the club’s new website in September 2019, club members, supporters & visitors have used it more and more this year as we have navigated the challenges of 'covid hockey'.

The website is your portal to the latest club news and information and our online booking system, plus game day schedules, results and our popular match reports section.

A few statistics about the website since January 1st 2020...

Total page views: 182,500+

Most website visits: Saturday 6th June, 1,980 page views

Match reports: 182 published in 2020, 9,800+ page views
Editor’s note to match report writers… your efforts don’t go unnoticed! As well as being published in the newsletter each match report averages well over 50 views on the club website.

News stories: 275 published in 2020, 30,250+ page views

To reduce admin for your captains and managers and our team behind the scenes, we are continuing to work towards making the club website your go-to source of information for SHC. Please continue to help us build YOUR website by sending in match reports, stories and photos as we enter 2021. Thank you!