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Play Fantasy Hockey Including Surbiton Stars


14th April 2020

By Surbiton HC

If you're missing hockey and want something to do while in lockdown, get involved in the Scorrd Hockey Fantasy League!

"Scorrd is delighted to join forces once again with EHL to present the first STAY@HOME Fantasy League. This is a new game based on simulations of the world’s best club hockey competition EHL.

As Surbiton HC will be represented in the fantasy competition, we think your members will have the best chance of winning their individual mini leagues! They will have the greatest knowledge of which key players to buy and sell. 

Your members will be able to join a closed competition and play against 8 friends or alternatively an open competition. There will be a transfer market updated every day with new top players, including your SHC players. How exciting to see your own club members scoring goals, getting awarded best player of the match and being exhibited to the rest of the world. 

We will communicate all rules, dates and updates on our instagram channel @scorrdhockey

There will be countdowns for every game and also when the transfer market for all players will open.

Players are now being put onto the transfer market and the first game will be virtually played on Sunday 19th April.

It is time to play fantasy."