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Lost Property: October’s Gallery – Claim Your Items!

21st October 2020

By Surbiton HC

As part of addressing the huge amount of lost property at the club we are asking members to check our monthly lost property gallery and claim any items that belong to you.

Over 30 unclaimed / lost items have been collected at SHC in October.

Steph has kindly gone to great efforts to take photos of every item for the gallery and wash/dry everything ready to be claimed from the laundry bins at the bottom of the metal storage cupboard in the foyer to the club house. 


There are a few named items, which should be easy to identify and claim!

  • S. Miles - tracksuit pants green
  • O. Gross - navy blue zip hoody
  • Haynesy - Surbiton navy hoody
  • H Stevenson - Surrey tennis navy hoody
  • Toby - age 10 Surbiton hoody navy
  • Aoife - age 14 Surbiton hoody navy
  • Flo - Long Dutton St Mary’s cardigan
  • M Moff - pink Surbiton hoody

Items will now be kept for one month ONLY before being donated to charity.